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Pad Printing

Our TPX 552 two colour and lateral cup inking mechanism allows us to offer our customers one of the most flexible, production cost-reducing machines on the market.

The versatility of this machine allows us the ability to print on parts no matter what length, width or depth that is required within the same print cycle.

We also use UV curing inks which reduces drying times for increased output of printed moulded components.

Ultrasonic Welding

This process is simple and yields high productivity of finished components.

Advantages of this form of joining plastic components is that there is no need for fasteners or glues which yields a cleaner looking finished component.

Due to the speed of this process, labour costs are greatly reduced.

Electronic Bar Coding

We have incorporated an electronic bar coding system; the benefits of this include stock control, improved warehouse shipping and receiving of products.

It also allows real time delivery status while reducing the time it takes to do stocktaking.

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